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Here at Divorce Money we aim to offer a specialist services for solicitors, accountants and IFAs who may already be working in the divorce and matrimonial dispute sector.

We understand that you may know your area of expertise intimately but may not be not so familiar with our lenders will assess your clients mortgage capacity

This is where we come in

Getting advice from a mortgage professional is paramount and we can guide our clients to manage their expectations from the outset and provide with the correct information.

We offer specialist services which help compliment the service you are already giving your clients.  Whether this be providing initial advice to assess their current mortgage or assessing what their borrowing potential may be.  We write Mortgage Capacity Reports for the Courts upon request which is specialised work and we often have many scenarios on which we have to base our findings on.  We understand that this is complex work and at times we may be working with vulnerable clients but our aim is to provide guidance in an often sensitive situation and help clear the path forward.  Education is key and we believe that providing the right advice early on is paramount.

We undertake appropriate due diligence not only to protect our client but you as well as ourselves. Only by getting their full story, their background and their hopes for the future can we guide them to the most appropriate course of action.

We create a profile for each client and set the foundations for a good client relationship and trust.  

We only form one part of the financial advice process and only wish to compliment all other professional advice you have done on their behalf. Many people going through a break up are vulnerable and we wish to provide an empathetic, professional yet pro-active support network to give them all the support they need.

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